We should let go!?

We keep telling ourselves that we should let go, but it doesn't really seem to work.
Old unpleasant emotional and mental patterns are meant haunting us!?
Or did we miss something?
Is there something wrong with us?

If we expect to be successful at anything, our minds must fully understand the process, learn how it works, and practice until it becomes our natural way of being.

Letting go allows you to know, accept & heal yourself.

What means to let go?
And how it works?
Feelings come and go, and eventually you realize that you are not your feelings, but that the real “you” is merely witnessing them.
You stop identifying with them.
The “you” that is observing and is aware of what is happening always stays the same. As you become more and more aware of the changeless witness within, you begin to identify with that level of consciousness in acceptance and peace.
You become progressively primarily the witness rather than the experiencer of phenomena.
You get closer and closer to the real Self and begin to see that you had been duped by feelings all along. You thought that you were the victim of your feelings.
Now you see that they are not the truth about yourself; they are merely created by the ego, that collector of programs which the mind has mistakenly believed are necessary for survival.
You detach yourself from your feelings and letting go becomes easier than a snap of fingers.