Work philosophy

I love and very much enjoy my work.
My passion for what I do is so deep that when I mentor someone I completely immerse myself into their life reality.
When I listen, I listen completely, attentively and it is not only the words, but also the feeling which is being conveyed.
I was born as an emphat and although many years I thought it is a curse, after my awakening, this gift became a blessing.

Empaths are highly sensitive beings, who have a keen ability to sense what people around them think and feel. They are capable of reading others without any obvious cues and can describe what’s really going on beneath the surface.
Being an emphat, makes working together an amazing and exciting self-discovery journey.

At start, I listen to their life story, integrate my being into their dimension and by tackling the Ego´s defense I find my way to their souls.
Identifying the reality of their present self, together we start to walk onto the path of self liberation towards the true Self.
Our relationship is built on trust, tranquility and compassion.
As all self transformational processes are chaotic in the beginning, I become the lighthouse and an anchor of their soul.

My mission is demystifying and simplifying the world's wisdom so you can easily translate into a fulfilled and better life to live.

Working with CriStina

I don´t work with everyone who aproches me for mentoring.
I am not someone you want to hangout with, unless you are ready to evolve and elevate.
When working with me, we exchange energy, I absorbe the overwhelming part of the pain and bestow peace and courage to face life adversity.
So, being a true seeker, genuinely searching peace, is an absolute and the only condition to work with me.
Dependence makes one gradually weak and feeble and one becomes incapable of thinking clearly.
So, my ultimate aim is that people leave our mentoring relationship as an autonomous, confident and independent conscious being.

About CriStina