Letting Go

Letting Go
Photo by Jan Tinneberg / Unsplash

We often fear to let go, because we think we will have nothing to hold on to.

By constantly letting go, we open up the possibilities to stay in a state of freedom.
Feelings may come and go till we wake up to the realisation that we are not our feelings, the true being is merely the witness and we stop identifying with them.
The being that observes and is conscious to what is happening is constant.
Increasingly we become more and more aware of the unchanging observer and begin to identify with this level of consciousness.
We gradually become more and more the witness instead of experiencing the event.
We come closer and closer to the real being and we begin to understand that our feelings were playing a trick on us and made us believe that we are the victims of our feelings.
So we realise that they do not reflect the truth about us, they are merely the collections of programs created by the ego, which the mind mistakenly believed to be necessary for our survival.

(Source Letting Go David R. Hawkins Phd.)